Here at Concordville Cleaners, the services that we provide seem quite standard with other dry cleaners. What separates is the attention to detail and the consistency that we produce. You can tell the difference, ask our clients.

We are continuously improving our product
to better suit your needs

Dry Cleaning

We offer a level of detail to our cleaning that is unmatched. Expect the service that you deserve.

Shirt Laundry

Our shirts are the cleanest and most consistent in the Philadelphia area. Just our shirt service is enough to separate ourselves from the rest.


One of the most popular services offered. Customers can come in get measured and have quality alterations done at affordable prices guaranteed.

Gowns and Dresses

Look perfect for any event whether its big or small. Let us clean and take care of your garments so they are perfect every time.

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More Services

  • Leather & Seudes

    Leather and seudes are so hard to get right because they are delcate. Unlike cotton and other polyesters, leather can last a really long time. To make it right, we send all leather goods out to a specialist who only works with cleaning leather.

  • Carpet

    A nicely designed carpet can add such nice touch to any room. But since we are constantly stepping on them, they can get quite dirty. We send all carpets to a specialist so the proper cleaning and care can be done.

  • Comforters & Bedding

    A comfortable bed can make all the difference in your life. It is where we go to rest our heads at night, a place to recharge, a place to relax. The last thing you want is a soiled bed to ruin the moment. Our cleaning will remove stains and smells so you can get that perfect sleep.

  • Households

    From drapes and curtains to tablecloths, table runners, and napkins, we clean all household items. So whether your pet left all its hair on the sofa or have a dinner to host, bring in your households so they are clean and proper for any occasion.