1. What is Dry Cleaning?
    Dry cleaning is a process of laundering that uses a chemical solvent to wash the clothes. It is used in big steel drums that apply the solution and uses pressure to clean the clothes.
  2. What is laundering then?
    Laundering is what you do at home when you do the wash. You are using water as the liquid agent. Soap is used as the primary agent to remove stains whereas for dry cleaning it is a solvent.
  3. How do you determine what is dry cleaned, and what isn't?
    We always follow the care label on the garment. If you bring in a garment that you want cleaned not labeled on the garment, then you take all responsibility for damages.
  4. How does same-day service work?
    Same-day service can be done if you bring the clothes in by 9am on the same day. The clothes will be then be ready for you by 5pm.
  5. How do rush orders work?
    Rush orders are made available for the next day by 5pm. There is no fee associated with rush orders, it is free of charge. However, discounts and coupons do not apply to rush orders.
  6. How does your Monday Special work?
    All garments on Monday can be brought in for a discount of 20% off your order. Laundry Shirts, Rush orders, Households, and Alterations do not apply.
  7. I get my garment back, but I am unsatisfied, what do I do?
    We will gladly reclean the garment for you at no extra charge. However, we will not mark it as a rush order but instead placed in for normal cleaning.
  8. There is a stain on my garment, should I pre-treat it?
    Yes and No. If it is a normal food stain then using simple Shout or pretreat it is suitable. However, for blood stains, wine stains, and oil-based stains, we prefer you to not. If we get the first crack at the stain, there will be a greater chance that we can remove the stain.
  9. Do you remove all stains?
    Unfortunately, not all stains can be removed. We try our best to remove all stains and undergo a double spot check system prior to final stain removal procedure. Once a stain sets in a garment, the likelihood of it coming out becomes significantly less.
  10. Do you deliver?
    Yes, we deliver to 12 different townships stretching out 3 counties. Sign up through email or stop in the store to get you set up. The process is really simple because we want to make it as simple as possible.
  11. Do you do alterations?
    Yes, we do alterations in-house with our sister store at Kennett Square. We do all different types of alterations so bring in your garment to have them fitted.
  12. Why are alteration prices different?
    The price for alterations depends on the job required for that specific garment. Some garments are more complicated where the price of the job would go up. Our goal is to get it right the first time and we take pride in our alterations.
  13. Should I try on my garment before getting it altered?
    For simple items like pants that need to be hemmed, or rehemmed, it is not absolutely necessary you try on the pants, as long as you know the inseam or waist measurements you would like completed. If you are unsure, stop in and we will gladly help you out. When bringing in a pre-measured garment that is pinned, please understand that we accept no liability if is not done correctly to a certain length. We will measure the garment before you leave to ensure accuracy.
  14. How long does it take to get a garment altered?
    Our expert tailors will have your garment altered in 3 - 4 business days. Some items may take longer. Please call to confirm for longer alteration orders. If there is any issue along the way, we will notify you via phone call.
  15. Do you reject any clothing that comes in?
    Yes, anything that is heavily soiled or if it can't be safely put into our washing machines.
  16. Why do I have some rejected items on my slip?
    We value our customer and the hard work they put in their lives. Certain items will be rejected because of a stain or if a piece of the clothing is ripped. Either of causes would permenantly damage your clothing. So we reserve the right to reject items if we think it will be damaged. For stained shirts, we will notify you via phone call of the situation. Ripped shirts almost always get rejected unless specified otherwise.