1. Where do you guys deliver?
    We deliver to many of the townships and communities in which we work in. Currently we are in 12 different townships and 3 counties.
  2. How often do you deliver?
    We deliver 5 days a week Monday through Friday. Our routes are scheduled that we reach a different neighborhood each day. Our first delivery goes out at 10am.
  3. I live outside the delivery range, am I still able to request delivery?
    It depends. Ask to first confirm if we will request delivery in your town.
  4. Is the service free?
    Yes, it is a free service we would love to extend to you. There are no additional costs and hidden fees.
  5. How do I sign up?
    Either sign up by email or stopping in the store. Once we get the relevant details, we would get you setup with a starter pack and days that we would be delivering.
  6. How does billing work for delivery?
    We set you up with an automated billing system that goes out on the first of each month. Stop by the store to get set up.
  7. What is the starter pack?
    The starter pack will come with a green colored bag, stain tape, and other items for you to place your clothes in.
  8. What if it rains on the day of my delivery?
    All clothes will be picked up and delivered as usual unless noted otherwise.
  9. How does your process work?
    Leave your clothes in the bag near a door that you prefer to leave them by. On the scheduled date, we will come and pick up your clothes. We will then deliver the clothes on your schedule date.
  10. Is it safe for me to leave my clothes outside?
    Always take precaution when leaving your belongings outside. Most of the times this is never an issue. The customer accepts all responsibility for clothes left outside. We do our best to make sure that we pick up all clothes within a specific hour. Please leave clothes during our suggested hours.
  11. If I sign up for delivery, can I still drop off my clothes at the store?
    Absolutely! If you miss a day or a week, stop by whenever to drop them off and we can drop them off on your next delivery date. You can also pick them up too but please call ahead of time to ensure that they are not on the truck being delivered already.
  12. I am going away, can you stop service for a week?
    We will absolutely work with you to do what is easiest. If you need it suspended for a week, or two, or more, just let us know and we will take care of it.
  13. How am I able to identify who my driver is?
    Our driver will always be driving in our van with our business name imprinted on our van. Our driver will also be wearing a Concordville Cleaners uniform at time of delivery. If our van is in for repairs and we rent one without our logo, we will notify you via email of these changes.
  14. Do you deliver only to residential?
    We deliver to customers of both residential and commercial businesses. If you are a commercial business and would like to get an account set up, please email or call to discuss further options.
  15. Do you work with municipalities?
    Of course. We work with many municipalities and are working to serve more. Please call if you are interested, we have many references.